LD Systems’ New Curv 500 AVS is Poised Reshape Your Expectations from a Home Speaker

LD Systems Philippines launches its newest contender for premium home audio market. Introducing, the CURV 500 Audio-Video Set (or AVS), a home stereo system that is simply well, ahead of the curve.

As home speakers go, a consumer traditionally must choose to go with either loudness or go with clarity. The former is obviously useful for house parties, movies, and perhaps angering your neighbors. But for the true-blooded audiophile, music should never be tarnished from its original form, and the latter is preferred. Thankfully, the Curv 500 AVS performs very well in both departments.


This is all made possible due to LD Systems' own WaveAhead® Technology, which places an array of three high-frequency tweeters in front of a powerful full-range driver. This arrangement results to an extremely wide and coherent coverage and extended sound dispersion. The die-cast aluminum unibody construction of the satellites not only exudes a premium feel, but reduces resonance as well.
All this results in the Curv 500 AVS delivering pure, clear, and honest sound with force.


Another key technology equipped in the Curv 500 Series is the SmartLink® System. In its usual form, the Curv 500 AVS is a normal stereo speaker. However, simply press a button, slide out one satellite, then slide it in to the next, and you've got a compact line array system! This configur ation is useful when you need smooth and consistent vertical coverage of sound across the listening area.


Add to the mix a 4-channel mixer with Bluetooth built right into the 10-inch subwoofer, and you've got a beast of a performer capable of connecting any device you throw at it. Choose from 16 DFX presets to add a concert-feel to your performances should you decide to take your craft on-stage.

With the Curv 500 AVS, the LD Systems brand brings the best of German ingenuity, design, and expertise from being an established professional brand. Stage-bred performance combined with refined design and competitive pricing makes LD Systems a game-changer for the premium home speaker market.

The Curv 500 AVS is priced at Php 59,990 and comes with 2-year warranty for peace of mind. Experience the CURV 500 AVS now at authorized dealers nationwide.

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